. 2- PEN Club

Edward Kline


March 19, 1973

The Honorable Barbara Watson
Administrator of Security and Consular Affairs
Department of State

Dear Miss Watson:

Edward Kline, 2005. Photo: Gratitude Fund

Mr. Gaynor Jacobson of United HIAS Service suggested that I write to you concerning a consular question.

In February the New York Times reported that the Soviet translator and literary critic, Anatoly Yakobson, has been threatened with arrest in connection with the publication of the samizdat Journal, Chronicle of Current Events. Peter Viereck, a Professor at Mount Holyoke wrote a letter to the New York Times suggesting that prompt action by the Western intellectual community could possibly avert the threat to Yakobson.

On February 27 the University of Pennsylvania sent Yakobson an invitation to come to Philadelphia to lecture on Russian poetry. The International IEN Club also invited him to lecture and he responded by cable I will accept your kind invitation with pleasure if it will be possible.

I hope that you can bring Yakobsons case to the attention of our Embassy in Moscow and the invitation from the University of Pennsylvania; I hope that our embassy in Moscow would be prepared to issue him, his wife and son visas to enter the United States if he makes proper application for this. In this case, prompt issuance of visas may be critical.

Chekhov Publishing Corporation (of which I am president) is publishing Yakobsons book, Konets tragedii, in New York this month; this explains my personal interest in the case. Please contact Professor Benson at the University of Pennsylvania or myself if you wish any further information on Yakobson or his situation.

Your help in this matter will be very much appreciated by me and any suggestions you may have will he most welcome.

Sincerely Yours,
Edward Kline