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Adam Kellett-Long, Reuters1)

Stalin Criticized in Pravda; Dissident Arrested at Rally

Задержание А.Якобсона на Красной площади 21 декабря 1969 года.

MOSCOW, Dec. 21. - A dissident poet was seized by police in Red Square today, as the Soviet Union marked the 90th anniversary of the birth of Joseph Stalin with official renewal of criticism of the late dictator's policies.

About 20 dissidents gathered on the edge of the square just after noon, apparently to demonstrate if their forecasts of a pro-Stalin ceremony to mark the anniversary were fulfilled. As it happened, the forecasts were incorrect, and the arrest occurred after several members of the group tried to prevent a girl2) from unfurling a protest banner carrying a portrait of Stalin. The banner fell to the ground in the scuffle and plainclothes and uniformed police seized the man nearest it, poet and translator Anatoly Yakobson, and dragged him off to a waiting car.3) The other dissidents left the square. Before they left, they told Western reporters that another of their number, economist Viktor Krasin, had been arrested late Saturday night.

Most of the dissidents present in the square were among 39 signatories of an open letter circulated on the eve of the anniversary charging that the recent expulsion of novelist Alexander Solzhenitsyn from the official Writers Union was «another manifestation of Stalinism». The only way in which the birthday was officially marked, was an unsigned editorial article, bearing all the marks of an official statement, in the Communist party newspaper Pravda. It endorsed the condemnation of Stalin originally made under Khrushchev 13 years ago, three years after the dictator's death.

The article described Stalin as a major theoretician and organizer who had made a great contribution to the struggle against opponents of the Communist party line but who had made «theoretical and political mistakes which took on a serious character».

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