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Susanna Chernobrova

Susanna Chernobrova

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Susanna Chernobrova,
406 Layesh St., Apt 1
Jerusalem, 93853, Israel

972 - 2 - 676-79-66
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Susanna Chernobrova was born in Riga, USSR. Graduated from Latvian University; Drawing Courses with Latvian Academy of Arts; Correspondence Popular University of Arts (Moscow), Painting and Pedagogical Faculties. Worked as an art teacher in children art studio; a stage designer in Riga Youth Theater; designed theater posters and playbills; illustrated her own book of verses (1997). Since 1991 lives in Jerusalem. Articles on Chernobrova artwork were published in World Encyclopedia of Naive Arts (London, Harper and Row, 1985), and in Russian, Israeli and French periodicals.

Susanna Chernobrova:
"The miracle happened during a dull painting class in my primary school: I glanced at a box of watercolors, and all of a sudden their names fascinated me. It sounded like poetry: blue cobalt, emerald green, burnt sienna… I felt a temptation to taste these bright little bars. That was how I fell ill with painting..."

Solo exhibitions:
  • 1977: Decorative Art Magazine Editorial Office, Moscow, USSR
  • 1978: Cinema House, Riga, USSR
  • 1980: Youth Theater, Riga, USSR
  • 1984: In the Basement, Riga, USSR
  • 1995: Afifit Cafe-Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel

Group exhibitions:
  • 1979: The Day of Artists, Riga, USSR
  • 1977-1980: Exhibitions of Graphics, Moscow, USSR
  • 1980: All-Union Exhibition in Manezh, Moscow, USSR
  • 1982: Stage Designers Exhibition, Riga, USSR
  • 1982: The Day of Artists, Riga, USSR
  • 1983: Sport-Manezh, Riga, USSR
  • 1983: Exhibition of Theater Posters, Riga, USSR
  • 1984: Exhibition of Theater Posters, Prague, Czechoslovakia
  • 1985: Biennial of Theater Posters, Helsinki, Finland
  • 1986: Stage Designers Exhibition, Vilnius, USSR
  • 1989: The Day of Artists, Riga, USSR
  • 1989: Stage Designers Exhibition, Riga, USSR
  • 1993: Jerusalem Artists Exhibition, Community House, Jerusalem, Israel
  • 1995: Jerusalem Artists Exhibition, Community House, Jerusalem, Israel
  • 1997: Gerar Bechar Theater, Jerusalem, Israel

Welcome to Susanna Chernobrova gallery.