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Ela Binshtok

Ela Binshtok

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Self-portret, 1957, Oil on canvas, 50 x 40

BINSHTOK Ela (1929, Moscow - 2003, Beer-Sheva)

Graduated from the Tartu State Art Institute, Estonian SSR, in 1955.

Taught at the Kostroma Art School, 1955 -1956.

Has participated in Estonian and Moscow exhibitions since 1957.

Accepted in 1970 for membership in the Central Artists Association of the USSR, by recommendation of Academician of Painting Pavel Korin and the painter S. Ivashev-Musatov.

Worked at the Monumental Art Kombinat (Association) from 1957 to 1989.

Creator of numerous stained-glass windows, mosaics, engravings in different cities of the former Soviet Union, in cooperation with her husband, the painter Oleg Krotkov.

Repatriated to Israel in 1992, resided all the years in Beer Sheva.

Works are in the Museum of Fine Arts in Kostroma, the Regional Museum of Fine Arts in Pavlodar, Museum of the Research Center in Puschino, in private collections in Moscow, Prague, Minsk, Chicago, New-York, Montreal, Tel-Aviv, Beer-Sheva.

Autobiographical Notes

Basic personal exhibitions:
  • 1981 - Kostroma, USSR, Municipal Museum of Arts
  • 1989 - Sanur, Israel, Village of Painters
  • 1991 - Exhibition Hall of the Central Artists Association of the USSR, on Vavilov street, Moscow
  • 1992 - Pushchino, USSR, Academytown, Museum of Arts
  • 1993 - Gallery "Stambet" of Stas Namin, Finland
  • 1993 - personal exhibition at the Beer Sheva Municipal Library, organized by the Beer-Sheva Association of Painters and Sculptors
  • 1994 - Gallery of Amalia Arbel, Tel Aviv, organized by the Histadrut of Israel
  • 1998 - Hall "Art -Salon" in the "Manez", Moscow
  • 1999 - Tel-Aviv University, Academy of Music, Ramat Aviv
  • 1999 - Heihal-ha-Tarbut, Tel Aviv, organized by the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
  • 2000 - International Association "Aviv", Tel Aviv
  • 2000 - Second personal exhibition, Beer-Sheva, organized by the Beer-Sheva Association of Painters and Sculptors
  • 2001 - Municipal Exhibition Hall, Ashqelon
  • 2002 - Matnas "Duna", Ashdod
  • 2003 - Cultural Center, Kibbutz Revivim

  • Ela Binshtok:
    I made the final decision to be an artist when I was 14. I believe that an artist is a person who creates his own world by finding his own individual colors, system of colors, and images. That world can be tremendous or it can be small and private. Even if it is small and private, it is my world, a world where my soul lives. I want it to be light and warm inside. Then people who are in tune with me will seek this world regardless of what language they speak.