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Welcome to the site of Jerusalem Anthologia Association!

Jerusalem Anthologia Association, a non-profit organization, was founded in 1997 by a group of Israeli artists, writers, art and literary critics, scientists (mostly immigrants from the FSU), who were deeply concerned about the current situation in the artistic life of the country and whose principal field of interest was the fostering of contemporary Israeli art and literature.

The name of Jerusalem Anthologia is self-evident. The idea of anthologia presupposes the collection of selected pieces in any art form ("selected " meaning not necessarily "the best", but at least "the most typical"), while Jerusalem is not only the symbol of Jewish civilization, history and traditions, but the name of the holy and eternal Jewish city and the capital of the State of Israel as well.

The goal of Jerusalem Anthologia Association can be formulated as the promotion and advancement of Israeli art, while the goal of Jerusalem Anthologia site is to demonstrate it on line to the broad international audience.

The Virtual Museum of Contemporary Israeli Artists presents paintings, graphic arts, sculptures of artists immigrated to Israel mostly during the last decade.

The virtual version of Jerusalem Literary Review contains the works of contemporary Israeli writers in Russian, as well as the Russian translations of Hebrew literature.

The Jerusalem Album is a collection of bard songs, written by poets and composers who live on Israel.