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Itella Mastbaum

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Itella MastbaumItella Mastbaum

Itella Mastbaum

Artist, Illustrator, Scenographer, Teacher
Born in Moscow, USSR
In Israel since April 16, 1990
Married, one son


Department of Applied Art, Moscow                         
Textile Institute, 1956-1962. USSR
Courses of Scenographic Art for Central TV,
Moscow, USSR, 1967-1969
Courses of Computer Graphics, Jerusalem, Israel, 1991

Member of the Association of Painters and Sculptors, Israel, and International Association of Artists, UNESCO. Itella Mastbaum's pictures can be found in private collections in Israel, USA, Canada, Europe, Russia and South Africa. You can find the artworks of Itella in the The Israel Goor Theater Archive and Museum in Jerusalem.  Laureate of the "Olive of Jerusalem" Prize (2005) for creation pictures in Hebrew theme.

Itella Mastbaum works with oil paints, watercolors and the complicated technique of monotypia. In Moscow she created animated cartoons for Central TV, scenography for the several major theaters, illustrated books, mainly poetry, children’s books and Yiddish publications. In Israel she continues to illustrate books and paints.

Personal Exhibitions:

  • 2007     Community Art Center of Municipality, Jerusalem, Israel
  • 2001     Foyer of Jerusalem center MATAN, Israel
  • 2000     Community Art Center of Municipality, Jerusalem, Israel
  • 1996     Milah Press, Jerusalem. Israel
  • 1996     Forum Zionist Organization Library, Jerusalem, Israel
  • 1993     Community Art Center “Binyamin”, Psagot and Dolev, Israel
  • 1991     American Zionist Organization Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
  • 1989     Sonya Rozin Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel
  • 1978     “Sovietish Haimland” Yiddish monthly editorial office, Moscow, USSR
  • 1977     Committee of Moscow Dramatics, USSR

Group Exhibitions:

  • 2007     Hanita Contemporary Art Museum, Israel
  • 2006     Community Center at heritage of Menahem Begin, Jerusalem
  • 2005     Community Art Center of Municipality, Jerusalem, Israel
  • 2003     “Gold Paint-Brash”, (self-portraits), Gallery of Pardes-Hana, Israel
  • 2001     Spring Exhibition Jerusalem Artists, Israel
  • 2000     Jerusalem Theatre, Israel
  • 2000     Artists House, Jerusalem, Israel
  • 1999     Autumn Exhibition Jerusalem Artists, Israel;
  • 1999     Zionist Forum Exhibition, Jerusalem, Israel;
  • 1999     Bible Museum, Tel-Aviv, Israel
  • 1997     International Cartoon Exhibition, Istanbul, Turkey
  • 1996     Nora Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel
  • 1995     “Art village” Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel
  • 1994     Artists House, Jerusalem, Israel;
  • 1994     Museum of Ashdod, Israel
  • 1992-1995     “Exodus” Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel
  • 1992     The Van Leer institute; Congress Hall; Immigrants Club; Jerusalem, Israel
  • 1991     American Zionist Organization Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel;
  • 1991     WIZO office, Tel-Aviv, Israel;
  • 1991     The Israel Museum Library, Jerusalem;
  • 1991     Artists House, Jerusalem, Israel
  • 1990     “Temple” Gallery, Old City, Jerusalem, Israel
  • 1989-1991     Jewish Centers in the USA, Germany, France
  • 1989     Artists House, Jerusalem, Israel
  • 1967-1989     Artists Union’s Halls for Exhibition, Moscow, USSR

Contact information

Mail address:
Itella Mastbaum,
Dolev, d.n. Modiin,
71935, Israel

[email protected]